08 November 2008

UFOs. Do you believe?

It's hard to imagine that a living creature could travel the vast distance from where ever the nearest planet with intelligent life may be to our planet Earth. If some UFOs do indeed come from another planet then perhaps the creatures that people claim to have seen are not really life forms at all, but very advanced robots or androids which would have no trouble at all in surviving such a long journey if there were no mishaps along the way. Maybe they are just probes sent out to explore space, but far more advanced than the probes we send out. I wonder why they are never detected on any equipment as they approach or leave Earth. Could it be that they are just never reported? Government censorship? Surely there are amateurs out there that can't be silenced by the censorship rules/laws? Even if the craft were too fast to be seen, surely they would cause some kind of disturbance that could be detected. Is it possible that there is a place on Earth that is making these craft and somehow managing to get the whole thing a secret?

If some of the UFOs that have been spotted are not from another planet, then somebody somewhere is managing to keep a very, very big secret! Of course, it is possible that these videos are all hoaxes.

This one from Istanbul:

See this recent footage from a couple of women with their phone camera. It has since been confirmed that many other people saw the same on that night, but the light beams were only picked up on camera. Read the comments on the newspaper story for more info on that.
See the footage at The Sun Newspaper, and click here for the readers' comments, including posts from with the women who took the video.

Below is a video filmed from Surrey or London, very similar to the one in Bristol (The Sun, above) and only a matter of days before:

Did you know there are competitions where people try to make the most realistic UFOs? Look at this page, especially the video about halfway down.

If you're interested in UFOs then The Disclosure Project may interest you as well.

Please don't confuse UFOs with Aliens. A UFO is simply an unidentified flying object. That's it. If someone threw a banana past your face & you didn't see what it was then it is a UFO until you go over to see where it landed and identify it. So, just because some one saw a UFO, it doesn't mean that it comes from outer space and contains aliens!

Search the following sites for the word "UFO" or the word "alien" to see some very interesting books, toys, games, etc.; Carl's Emporium and ShopperRama