18 June 2022

The sinister world of citizen scoring - Thought Crimes - Big Brother Watch

The sinister world of citizen scoring - Thought Crimes 002 (Replay) - YouTube

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Big Brother Watch's Head of Research and Investigations, Jake Hurfurt and Adam Knight  catch up for the latest in our series, Thought Crimes, a live conversation and Q&A on citizen scoring and the secretive automated tech governing our lives.

Adam Knight is an academic at Leiden University in the Netherlands where he specialises in the design, use and consequences of the social credit system in China. His work is part of the university's "The Smart State: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Law in China" and looks at the use of technology in local and national governance, and private sector's role in building citizen scoring systems.

02 June 2022

⚠️SEVERE NEW WINDOWS EXPLOIT⚠️ Do This Now! - ThioJoe on Youtube


From the Youtube video description:-

"Don't wait!

NOTE: If you get an error about "access denied" or "cannot write file", you most likely are not running command prompt as Administrator. To do so, search the start menu for "command prompt", then right click it, then hit "Run as Administrator".

• Command to backup the registry key to C: drive:
reg export HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ms-msdt C:\msdt_regkey_backup.reg

• The Workaround Command: 
reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ms-msdt /f

• Command to Restore Registry Key (if you want to later):
reg import C:\msdt_regkey_backup.reg