24 September 2021

Openreach late night repairs keeping me awake most of the night!

This is the fast forward version.

This is the sped up version to music. I'll upload the full version later with some good study music. The times on this one are inaccurate but not worth rendering all over again so I left it. I'll correct them on the full version.

Somewhere around 1:45 is when the fun really starts.

Please support Whitesand, who made the music to this video.
Music: Guantamo by Whitesand
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11 September 2021

Paedophile Hunter or Child Snare?

 I recently came across this Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/pedo_hunter343/) that initially appears to be doing the right thing but when I thought about it a little more it could just as likely be a trap to lure in gullible children. Looking through the list of connections I see a lot of what appear to be children.s accounts. There are no contact details on the account, and no verification. Therefore that makes it an unknown and highly suspect. If this account is indeed genuine then it needs to be verified and approved by the police somehow. As it stands it should be considered a very dangerous trap for children.

Part of the advice on the account is to call the police. This may just be to make the account look genuine. The dangerous part is asked a child to contact the account first.

I have reported it to Instagram. It is up to them to verify the account holder in the proper way.

06 September 2021

Just me whinging at annoying Youtube Adverts

I know I can install an ad blocker but haven't in this video. I still have "skip ad" on my tablet so I'm guessing there may be a problem with Youtube's programming that may not properly support my browser or one of its extensions. I'm not looking for a solution, just pointing out how so very annoying Youtube adverts are these days. It has become particularly worse over the past year or so.