30 June 2021

16 June 2021

Compliance with the NHS Digital national data opt-out

This page offers guidance in case of a GP practice saying they can't process the opt-out. There is also guidance for the GP to explain their responsibilities.

Information for GP practices - NHS Digital: Compliance with the national data opt-out

15 June 2021


See previous video below for original video about NHS digital data sharing, or follow these links:-

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EXCLUSIVE 😯 Teacher Says “If We Tell The Truth We’ll Lose Our Jobs”

Well, I never heard of this until I watched this video. I did a small amount of checking and it is definitely true in Manchester, and parents are campaigning to have the police removed from the schools because it gives the schools a bad name. Do your own research for your area. I've not heard of it my area so I assume only in the cities. Doesn't sound good at all. Going back the way I remember things during the Thatcher era.