21 December 2023

I was justified in my Thorium Browser Concerns

I was looking into trying the Thorium Browser myself after seeing a good review from Chris Titus Tech after watching his review video on web browsers. Chris soon changed his mind after seeing the darker side of the Thorium Browser!

If you are using the Thorium Web Browser and you're not in to Furry Porn then I suggest you would be better off to uninstall it and remove all files associated with it.

14 December 2023

Vlogmas 6 2023 - The invincible slugs part 1

Vlogmas 5 2023 Candy wrestling with a goody And some stinky shoes!

Vlogmas 4 2023 - Candy caught watching TV

Vlogmas 3 2023 - Flowers from early autumn

My third Vlogmas video. Not sure I will be able to catch up with all days because I don't have footage from every day. I'll have to try harder next year.

Vlogmas 2 2023 - TV repair Sharp LC24LE510K PSU using diode UF5402

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My Vlogmas day two on day fourteen! Will I get 24 videos done in time? At the moment it doesn't look like it! This is a video of me repairing my daughter's TV. Geared more towards the more technical people.

I'm not so good at this vlogmas lark, it's day 14 and I am on video 2! Time goes so quickly and I am so short of ideas. My Xmas is very different to the norm and I am hesitant to share my own experiences. Here I am repairing my daughter's TV which died suddenly. 

This repair should only be attempted if you have knowledge and experience in electronics & electricity because I don't go into enough detail for you to carry this out safely, plus you need to know the dangers involved, which I also don't cover here.

One diode (SB5100) of three connected in parallel was shorted, so I cut the lead and the TV powered up fine. I replaced all three diodes in case the remaining two were weakened in some way (they will probably end up in some project, so not wasted) with UF5402 diodes, which were recommended by someone who repaired a TV with the same issue in the past, and have a similar specifications.

The PSU in this TV is used in many makes of TV's, and you can identify it with the model number on the PCB - Vestel 17PW80 V2, so check these diodes on a dead TV before scrapping it!

Vlogmas 1 2023 - First frost of 2023 on 1st December in Pembrokeshire wi...

My poor attempt at my first Vlogmas! So much to do and so little time, plus a lack of ideas. Anyway, hope you enjoy some nature ASMR :-)