26 August 2021

How to lose weight, all you need to know; HERE FOR FREE!

I can never understand why people spend so much money on diet fads. The formula is simple; Eat less calories than you burn. Basically, you need to eat less or work more if you want to lose weight.

Knowing what to eat can be more complicated if you don't know too much about food. That's where this video from The Royal Institution by Giles Yeo will provide you with the knowledge you need to know what you should be eating, and why.

How We  Got the Science of Weight Loss Wrong - with Giles Yeo (Click here to get his book)

23 August 2021

All a child wants is to be allowed to love their parents

Petition · Abolish forced adoption, please help me reunite with my daughter with her being locally.. · Change.org

10,000: Please support me in my fight for a reunification.. - Sign the Petition! http://chng.it/WwNRYV25 via @UKChange Removing children from loving parents is wrong! Too many are gagged against speaking out.

Petition · Abolish forced adoption, please help me reunite with my daughter with her being locally.. · Change.org

Most parents aren't allowed to speak out.

People who have been through this side of the system don't believe what is happening. This is how they are able to get away with it.

Secret courts held without a jury. Judgements made without evidence but based on risk which is hurriedly put together by complete strangers to the families, often by social workers very young and inexperienced with life themselves.

Children being adopted out without any attempt or option to reunite them back with their parents. Once social services have ownership of a child they can discard the parents and the child's history. Just write them off. Leave them to kill themselves or enter into PTSD and other serious mental problems. Children are being treated and traded like livestock. Both children and parents put through severe trauma and torture just so that social workers can have an easier job to do.

It's time these child abusing authorities are exposed in public. This is very difficult because any details given out can put the parents into prison.

Please sign this petition, it's just a small step towards helping this mother and her child. It's a small step towards exposing what is really going on at Pembrokeshire County Council social services.

Let's put a stop to the cycle of damaged children becoming damaged adults that become an expensive burden on the system. Help families to protect their own children instead of ripping them away to be adopted to complete strangers.

Don't hate all social workers. They, too, have to work in a system which some of them don't agree with. There are those who do the best they can within the restrictions they have to work under.