11 March 2022

RUSSIA IS CANCELLED: every company is leaving Russia - YouTube

(1387) RUSSIA IS CANCELED: every company is leaving Russia - YouTube

How the sanctions are affecting ordinary people in Russia.

Dymo Label Printer CON!

EEVblog 1462 - Dymo Label Printer DRM SUCKS! - YouTube

New Dymo label paper now has RFID to make sure you pay around ten times the price for refills which you can only buy from Dymo!

Dymo caught manipulating the ratings on Amazon.com to make sure their new label printer appears to have good reviews (from an older printer) to anyone not scrolling down and reading the latest ratings.

Why aren't customers allowed to choose what they use their printer for? Why aren't they allowed to use labels from other manufacturers that may be different colours, use different glue, etc. No more Dymo for me when I need a new printer!

06 March 2022

Why Our Politicians are Hypocrites

(1367) There’s More To This - YouTube

Politicians across the world have been busy expressing their admiration for Russians risking arrest to take part in anti-war marches – but that didn’t stop them voting to restrict the right to protest in their own countries

Public Services Ombudsman Wales...Fit for purpose? - YouTube

Cllr Paul Dowson on his experiences of the Public Services Ombudsman in Wales.

(1367) Public Services Ombudsman...Fit for purpose? - YouTube