28 November 2022

Established Titles Scam -YouTube's BIGGEST Con!

Parliamentary debate on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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Parliamentary debate on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities

On Thursday 24 November, Marsha De Cordova MP led a Backbench Business Committee debate on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

In preparation for the debate, she asked to hear from the public about their experiences, concerns and suggestions related to disabled people.

Backbench Business: General debate on the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Marsha De Cordova MP (Battersea, Labour)
Rt Hon Sir Stephen Timms MP (East Ham, Labour)
Jim Shannon MP (Strangford, Democratic Unionist Party)
Marion Fellows MP (Motherwell and Wishaw, Scottish National Party)
Anneliese Dodds MP (Oxford East, Labour (Co-op))
Tom Pursglove MP (Corby, Conservative)
Marsha De Cordova MP (Battersea, Labour)

04 October 2022

"I'm being sued for being disabled and triggering someone"

IMPORTANT: It looks like this story is false, and the woman, Carrie Jade Williams AKA Samantha Jade Cooke, is a serial fraudster. See following links:-

In the press:-

Videos with Carrie/Samantha speaking: 

Plenty more info if you have the time to go through it all. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. I present only what I know and believe. I welcome any more recent information.

I will leave the original links below as they were when I first posted the article. Make up your own mind.

"This World Can be Accessible" channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCMaB_e_6T3hdMFCUEMfH1NQ

A few related videos on Youtube. (I'm sure the creators would be very grateful if you subscribe to their channels, too)

What is Huntington's Disease?

18 June 2022

The sinister world of citizen scoring - Thought Crimes - Big Brother Watch

The sinister world of citizen scoring - Thought Crimes 002 (Replay) - YouTube

Big Brother Watch Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BigBrotherWatchHQ
Big Brother Watch Website: https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/

Big Brother Watch's Head of Research and Investigations, Jake Hurfurt and Adam Knight  catch up for the latest in our series, Thought Crimes, a live conversation and Q&A on citizen scoring and the secretive automated tech governing our lives.

Adam Knight is an academic at Leiden University in the Netherlands where he specialises in the design, use and consequences of the social credit system in China. His work is part of the university's "The Smart State: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Law in China" and looks at the use of technology in local and national governance, and private sector's role in building citizen scoring systems.

02 June 2022

⚠️SEVERE NEW WINDOWS EXPLOIT⚠️ Do This Now! - ThioJoe on Youtube


From the Youtube video description:-

"Don't wait!

NOTE: If you get an error about "access denied" or "cannot write file", you most likely are not running command prompt as Administrator. To do so, search the start menu for "command prompt", then right click it, then hit "Run as Administrator".

• Command to backup the registry key to C: drive:
reg export HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ms-msdt C:\msdt_regkey_backup.reg

• The Workaround Command: 
reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ms-msdt /f

• Command to Restore Registry Key (if you want to later):
reg import C:\msdt_regkey_backup.reg


30 May 2022

Is Coffee Healthy with James Hoffman and Professor Tim Spector

Is Coffee Healthy with James Hoffman and Professor Tim Spector

"Coffee’s earliest consumption dates back millennia when the tribesmen of Ethiopia used its ground-up berries to help aid concentration during prayer. 

Arriving in Europe in the 17th century, Coffee quickly began to replace beer and wine as a favourite breakfast drink. 

In the 20th century, coffee was blamed for high blood pressure and heart attacks, and more recently linked to a rising epidemic of poor sleep. 

None of this has prevented coffee’s relentless rise. Over 2 billion cups of the stuff are drunk each day. 

So, is coffee a guilty treat as many of us suspect? Or is it a health drink feeding your good gut bacteria? 
In this episode, Jonathan speaks with James Hoffmann and Tim Spector to find out. They discuss how coffee affects your gut bacteria, your hormones and your heart, whether decaffeinated coffee is healthy, and discover some of coffee’s most surprising side effects – which could come in handy if you find yourself in the jungle.

James Hoffmann is a  leading coffee expert and author of the World Atlas of Coffee and  co-founder & chairman of the Square Mile Coffee Roasters.
Tim Spector  is a co-founder at ZOE and one of the top 100 most cited scientists in the world.

If you want to uncover the right foods for your body, head to joinzoe.com/podcast and get 10% off your personalized nutrition program." - https://youtu.be/XO-7irGCaTA

28 May 2022

They're not SELLING your data. It's MUCH worse... - Naomi Brockwell

They're not SELLING your data. It's MUCH worse...

It says on the Big G's website: ‘We do not sell your personal information to anyone’” The truth is, they ARE SHARING your personal and sensitive information, and being compensated handsomely in return. But what’s ACTUALLY going on in this exchange is far WORSE that you can possibly imagine. Naomi Brockwell chats with Bennett Cyphers from EFF, and Johnny Ryan from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, about what is actually being done with your personal information and real-time location data.

18 April 2022

What If You See the War With Your Own Eyes? Destroyed Cities and Villages. Ukraine, Borodyanka. - Mad Science

What If You See the War With Your Own Eyes? Destroyed Cities and Villages. Ukraine, Borodyanka. - YouTube (Mad Science channel)

"Today I will show you what we are doing all these days. While there were less shelling in Kyiv, we went to help people who live in the villages behind Borodyanka. I have never seen such destruction. We drove through a burnt car on which there was an inscription "corpses," there were a lot of burned military equipment and houses. Everything in this video

You can help me and my Ukrainian people, friends - here: https://www.patreon.com/madscience  and here (bitcoin wallet) :  3JJUdHrt2QtahkD5fn6b8o1nGEA4TUDqXD " - From Mad Science (Video link)

10 April 2022

THESE apps had HIDDEN code secretly sending data to US Intelligence!

THESE apps had HIDDEN code secretly sending data to US Intelligence! - YouTube

Hidden code in certain apps has been sending your data to... a US Intelligence defence contractor??

Apparently app creators were PAID to put an SDK from Measurement Systems into their app, which harvested data like precise location, email, and phone numbers, nearby computers and mobile devices, information that is stored in the phone’s clipboard including passwords, and it had the ability to scan parts of the phone’s file system, including specifically the files stored in the WhatsApp downloads folder.

According to the WSJ, the company collecting the data "is linked through corporate records and web registrations to a Virginia defence contractor that does cyber intelligence, network-defence and intelligence-intercept work for U.S. national-security agencies."

We give you all the details.

MailChimp Hacked: Crypto Users Targeted. What you need to know
Cash App Hacked! Was your info exposed?

0:00 Pre-roll
0:49 Overview
1:41 Google Bans Apps Secretly Stealing Your Data
3:01 What does the malware DO?
4:21 How did the malware get in the code?
8:39 Who is responsible? Reports link to a VA defense contractor!
10:33 Full List Of Affected Apps
13:01 MailChimp HACKED!  Crypto Users Targeted
17:38 CashApp HACKED!
21:16 Twitter Poll and Viewer Tweets
24:20 Quiz Questions Winner!
26:30 Show Out and Thanks

11 March 2022

RUSSIA IS CANCELLED: every company is leaving Russia - YouTube

(1387) RUSSIA IS CANCELED: every company is leaving Russia - YouTube

How the sanctions are affecting ordinary people in Russia.

Dymo Label Printer CON!

EEVblog 1462 - Dymo Label Printer DRM SUCKS! - YouTube

New Dymo label paper now has RFID to make sure you pay around ten times the price for refills which you can only buy from Dymo!

Dymo caught manipulating the ratings on Amazon.com to make sure their new label printer appears to have good reviews (from an older printer) to anyone not scrolling down and reading the latest ratings.

Why aren't customers allowed to choose what they use their printer for? Why aren't they allowed to use labels from other manufacturers that may be different colours, use different glue, etc. No more Dymo for me when I need a new printer!

06 March 2022

Why Our Politicians are Hypocrites

(1367) There’s More To This - YouTube

Politicians across the world have been busy expressing their admiration for Russians risking arrest to take part in anti-war marches – but that didn’t stop them voting to restrict the right to protest in their own countries

Public Services Ombudsman Wales...Fit for purpose? - YouTube

Cllr Paul Dowson on his experiences of the Public Services Ombudsman in Wales.

(1367) Public Services Ombudsman...Fit for purpose? - YouTube

26 February 2022

Thinking of all those around the world who are at war.

Will we ever learn that peace can't be forced?
IMAGINE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) - John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) HD



The Very Best of John Lennon. 36 tracks completely remixed from the original multitracks in Stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos. Listen to JOHN LENNON like you've never heard him before. OUT NOW → http://bit.ly/JL-GST 

Imagine - The Ultimate Collection - the audio box set: http://bit.ly/imagine-ult 
Imagine John Yoko - the definitive book: http://bit.ly/imaginejohnyoko 
Imagine film remastered - BluRay/DVD: http://bit.ly/ImagineGST-Amazon  

IMAGINE Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try No hell below us, above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today... Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace... Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger - a brotherhood of man Imagine all the people sharing all the world... You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one written by John Lennon & Yoko Ono ABOUT IMAGINE John: ‘Imagine’ is a song conceived in my head without melody. The first verse came to me very quickly in the form of a childlike street chant ‘da da da da da dee dee da dee da ee a eeeh’. The piano intro I’ve had hanging around in my head for a few years – the chords and melody followed naturally from this. The middle eight was ‘conceived’ to finish off the song. I think it works as a song. Of course, there is always room for improvement – otherwise I wouldn’t make any more. The third verse came to me in an eight-seater plane. It’s a song for children. Yoko: ‘Cloud Piece’: ‘Imagine the clouds dripping, dig a hole in your garden to put them in.’ This is not a piece of poetry. Poetry to me is nouns or adjectives. This is verbs. And you have to do them. These are all instructions and when you just do it, then you start to understand it. John: ‘Imagine’ was inspired by Yoko’s Grapefruit. There’s a lot of pieces in it saying like ‘Imagine this’ or ‘Imagine that’. If you get a copy of Grapefruit and look through, you’ll see where I was influenced by her. ‘Imagine’ could never have been written without her. And I know she helped on a lot of the lyrics but I wasn’t man enough to let her have credit for it. So that song was actually written by John & Yoko, but I was still selfish enough and unaware enough to take her contribution without acknowledging it. The song itself expresses what I’d learned through being with Yoko and my own feelings on it. It should really have said ‘Lennon/Ono’ on that song, because she contributed a lot of that song. Alan White (drummer): Every song we did on Imagine, John would make us read the lyrics and insist that we understood the meaning of the song before started playing it. That had quite an impact for me. Klaus Voormann (bass): When we played ‘Imagine’ and heard the lyrics, the possibility that this was going to be such a big song was apparent. It definitely was. I even thought I didn’t want to play on it because it was so amazing with just John playing piano. It was so true and honest. That would have been enough. I hope you’ve got a version of just John playing it. Phil McDonald (engineer): ‘Imagine’ was one of the easiest tracks to record, almost all live, in a few takes. We mixed the track at Tittenhurst and Phil Spector added strings on top of the stereo tape in the USA. Yoko: John and I were both artists and we were living together, so we inspired each other. And the song ‘Imagine’ embodied what we believed together at the time. John and I met – he comes from the West and I come from the East – and still we are together. We have this oneness and ‘the whole world would eventually become one’ is the sense that we will all be cafĂ©-au-lait colour and we will all be very happy together. All these instructions are for people for how to spend eternity, because we have lots of time. John: If you can imagine a world of peace, if you can imagine a world with no denominations of religion – not without religion, whatever religion is – but without this divisive ‘My god is bigger than your god’ business.... Then, if you can imagine the possibility, then it can be true. Yoko: ‘Imagine’ is a complete vision. A succinct bible of truth. It will start to unfold as you believe in it. The film? Well, it just happened naturally. I was well aware of the symbolism of everything – closing and then opening the shutters to let the light in. It’s rather personal, but I had a definite reason why I smiled at the end, in addition to loving being next to John. Imagine The Ultimate Collection: Explore and enjoy the IMAGINE album and the 1971 Ascot Sound Studios & Record Plant Sessions like you’ve never seen or heard them before. 

Video from Lennon Legend DVD: http://bit.ly/lenleg 

Song: Imagine 
Artist: John Lennon 
Album: Imagine 
Writers: John Lennon 
Licensed to YouTube by: UMG (on behalf of Virgin Records Ltd); UMPI, LatinAutorPerf, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, Global Music Rights LLC, LatinAutor - UMPG, CMRRA, IMPEL, and 13 music rights societies

All links above from the source web page on the official John Lennon Youtube channel - https://youtu.be/YkgkThdzX-8