30 January 2023

Mind control explained

How many times have you asked a difficult question to an authoritative figure and received the reply, "It's what we do"? Now you know why that's all they can answer.

How to Make People Slaves


We were talking about this long before 2017, when this video was uploaded to Youtube, and yet nothing has changed from then until now, other than blindly progressing down the same line. People seemed to have some time to thing during the lock downs, so maybe there is hope, yet. When we are worked all hours and get home too tired to think clearly we can not see what is going on around us because we are too consumed with our own little prisons.

26 January 2023

The Limit of our Obedience - Good People Break Bad Laws

TopherField's channel: https://www.youtube.com/@TopherField

There's only one power in history that has limited the size of government.

All other methods have failed... sooner or later. 

And as government's today grow to unprecedented levels of power and control, aided by modern technologies which the tyrants of the past could only have dreamed of, we are faced in our generation with having to find the limits of our obedience once more.

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