09 October 2018

Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News

I really hope Apple get their act together before it's too late. I few years ago I had everything Apple but as my devices have been dying off I have been replacing them with better made products. Only one left working, a Mac Mini, but I am growing out of it gradually and not willing to invest my money into what I have seen of Apple's latest products. They look great, and they have a great OS (OS X) but open them up to see something that resembles some of the cheapest Chinese junk on the market. What happened to the great built products from the days of Risk processors? I have two G4 power PC's, one converted to PC to give it a new lease of life as a good looking server because I do love the cases. The other is waiting for a new affordable motherboard which won't require major modification of the case, so something like a Rock64 or better that can be hidden inside and make use of the existing PSU.

Thanks to Louis Rossmann of Rossmann Repair Group Inc. for putting this video together, and for sharing his knowledge and thoughts with the world. Please check out his Youtube channel if you are a fan of Apple products (or hate them with a passion!), electronics repairs, occasional rants and some wise words thrown in here and there. Check the description in this video on Youtube for a link back to the original footage and other related info.

If you live in USA, and Apple can't or won't fix your Apple Macbook, I'm sure Louis can, give him a call - Rossmann Repair Group Inc.

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If Apple's technology can ever bring back Steve Jobs then my faith in Apple's products could possibly be restored.