19 May 2012

Back on Facebook... for now?

Right, I'm back on Facebook for the time being. I finally figured out all the new privacy settings. Wow, it's so complicated now. Don't really want to spend so much time keeping up with it all so I will be spending a lot less time on Facebook from now on. I really can't be bothered with all the unnecessary new privacy complications, plus the new friend groups I am forced to have added to my perfectly fine groups list. As for the timeline, I don't like all that history showing on my profile page like that, it's awful. History should be automatically deleted after a few months. Facebook appear to be making a tonne of money from my discomfort. I have found a way to disable all Facebook adverts so they shan't be making money from me that way. As for selling on my data, are they doing that? All I can do about that is to make sure I delete old stuff. Need to find out how to go about that. Maybe create a new account every year and delete the old one? We'll see.

05 May 2012

I have left Facebook temporarily

Due to privacy issues, and after having spent time trying to sort out other issues that prevented me using my Facebook account recently, I have decided to temporarily close my account until I get the time to sort it out. I am on Google+, so see you there if you have a Google account. What has changed on Facebook? Well, I had settings set so that only friends could view my list of friends, and only certain people could access my wall. Since the change over to the dreaded Timeline I just discovered that anybody can see anything, so I've closed my account to prevent any privacy issues. I have no idea when I will be back on Facebook, it could be a couple of days or a lot longer. To be honest I have had enough of Facebook and am only there for certain friends who don't want to move elsewhere.
Take care