21 December 2023

I was justified in my Thorium Browser Concerns

I was looking into trying the Thorium Browser myself after seeing a good review from Chris Titus Tech after watching his review video on web browsers. Chris soon changed his mind after seeing the darker side of the Thorium Browser!

If you are using the Thorium Web Browser and you're not in to Furry Porn then I suggest you would be better off to uninstall it and remove all files associated with it.

14 December 2023

Vlogmas 6 2023 - The invincible slugs part 1

Vlogmas 5 2023 Candy wrestling with a goody And some stinky shoes!

Vlogmas 4 2023 - Candy caught watching TV

Vlogmas 3 2023 - Flowers from early autumn

My third Vlogmas video. Not sure I will be able to catch up with all days because I don't have footage from every day. I'll have to try harder next year.

Vlogmas 2 2023 - TV repair Sharp LC24LE510K PSU using diode UF5402

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My Vlogmas day two on day fourteen! Will I get 24 videos done in time? At the moment it doesn't look like it! This is a video of me repairing my daughter's TV. Geared more towards the more technical people.

I'm not so good at this vlogmas lark, it's day 14 and I am on video 2! Time goes so quickly and I am so short of ideas. My Xmas is very different to the norm and I am hesitant to share my own experiences. Here I am repairing my daughter's TV which died suddenly. 

This repair should only be attempted if you have knowledge and experience in electronics & electricity because I don't go into enough detail for you to carry this out safely, plus you need to know the dangers involved, which I also don't cover here.

One diode (SB5100) of three connected in parallel was shorted, so I cut the lead and the TV powered up fine. I replaced all three diodes in case the remaining two were weakened in some way (they will probably end up in some project, so not wasted) with UF5402 diodes, which were recommended by someone who repaired a TV with the same issue in the past, and have a similar specifications.

The PSU in this TV is used in many makes of TV's, and you can identify it with the model number on the PCB - Vestel 17PW80 V2, so check these diodes on a dead TV before scrapping it!

Vlogmas 1 2023 - First frost of 2023 on 1st December in Pembrokeshire wi...

My poor attempt at my first Vlogmas! So much to do and so little time, plus a lack of ideas. Anyway, hope you enjoy some nature ASMR :-)

11 October 2023

Is Tesco destroying the Amazon?

Tesco is still knowingly selling products linked to forest destruction in the Amazon - even though it tells its customers it’s aiming to be deforestation-free.

Will you help take Indigenous leader Txai SuruĂ­ and Brazilian artivist Mundano take their message from the heart of the Amazon rainforest to the heart of Tesco’s board room?

Txai SuruĂ­ teams up with Mundano to draw attention to the devastation caused by Tesco and JBS - one of its Brazilian-owned suppliers that has been linked to an estimated 1.5 million hectares of deforestation.

The 150 metre long artwork - which includes Tesco’s iconic dotted line around the edge of the deforested area - questions the integrity of Tesco’s pledge to be deforestation-free while still maintaining business ties with the world’s largest and most notorious meat packing company, JBS.

Tesco is the biggest seller of industrially produced meat and dairy in the UK. Despite promising over a decade ago to end its links to deforestation, its supply chain is still riddled with soya and it still buys from suppliers owned by Brazilian meat giant JBS. 

This company is notorious for driving forest destruction in the Amazon, even within Indigenous Territories, as well as other climate critical ecosystems in South America. It’s linked to corruption and human rights abuses and massive GHG emissions.

Please watch and share this video showing Txai and Mundano’s artwork’s installation calling on Tesco to drop JBS and create a movement that is impossible to ignore.

27 September 2023

06 September 2023

Telegram Isn't As Private As You Think

Remember to read all the terms and conditions when signing up to any website. It's a pain but could save you hassle in the future. Once signing up, check through all available settings to make sure they are set the way you want them.

15 August 2023

An Electric Bus Caught Fire After Battery Explosion in Paris

Not much time to evacuate a bus when these batteries go off! Thankfully this bus was empty at the time.

30 July 2023

Freedom of speech in UK

How much of our free speech was taken away using COVID-19 and the lock downs as a smoke screen, or were they already eroding long before the pandemic?

29 July 2023

No parent should have to suffer the loss of a child. R.I.P. Sinead O'Connor


Sinead lost her son to suicide in 2022. This year, 2023, she decided to join him. She will be well remembered for her singing but we will never know the pain she suffered during the final eighteen months of her life. May she now be at peace. She will be missed.

16 June 2023

Loneliness can be deadly! Here's why

What happens to lonely people under anesthesia?

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01 May 2023

FedEx Messed up Big Time...

Parcels that can end up travelling all over the world a few times before they reach their destination. What goes wrong? Some interesting stories in the video.

04 April 2023

30 January 2023

Mind control explained

How many times have you asked a difficult question to an authoritative figure and received the reply, "It's what we do"? Now you know why that's all they can answer.

How to Make People Slaves


We were talking about this long before 2017, when this video was uploaded to Youtube, and yet nothing has changed from then until now, other than blindly progressing down the same line. People seemed to have some time to thing during the lock downs, so maybe there is hope, yet. When we are worked all hours and get home too tired to think clearly we can not see what is going on around us because we are too consumed with our own little prisons.

26 January 2023

The Limit of our Obedience - Good People Break Bad Laws

TopherField's channel: https://www.youtube.com/@TopherField

There's only one power in history that has limited the size of government.

All other methods have failed... sooner or later. 

And as government's today grow to unprecedented levels of power and control, aided by modern technologies which the tyrants of the past could only have dreamed of, we are faced in our generation with having to find the limits of our obedience once more.

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