11 October 2023

Is Tesco destroying the Amazon?

Tesco is still knowingly selling products linked to forest destruction in the Amazon - even though it tells its customers it’s aiming to be deforestation-free.

Will you help take Indigenous leader Txai SuruĂ­ and Brazilian artivist Mundano take their message from the heart of the Amazon rainforest to the heart of Tesco’s board room?

Txai SuruĂ­ teams up with Mundano to draw attention to the devastation caused by Tesco and JBS - one of its Brazilian-owned suppliers that has been linked to an estimated 1.5 million hectares of deforestation.

The 150 metre long artwork - which includes Tesco’s iconic dotted line around the edge of the deforested area - questions the integrity of Tesco’s pledge to be deforestation-free while still maintaining business ties with the world’s largest and most notorious meat packing company, JBS.

Tesco is the biggest seller of industrially produced meat and dairy in the UK. Despite promising over a decade ago to end its links to deforestation, its supply chain is still riddled with soya and it still buys from suppliers owned by Brazilian meat giant JBS. 

This company is notorious for driving forest destruction in the Amazon, even within Indigenous Territories, as well as other climate critical ecosystems in South America. It’s linked to corruption and human rights abuses and massive GHG emissions.

Please watch and share this video showing Txai and Mundano’s artwork’s installation calling on Tesco to drop JBS and create a movement that is impossible to ignore.

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