16 June 2024

Stop Targeting Me!

The general election is on 4 July. Right up until the polls open, political parties are competing for your time and attention so they can win your vote.

And they’re using your personal data to do it. Your age, your interests, the house you live in, if you’re married, whether you voted in the last election. Personal data you probably didn’t know they had – and almost certainly didn’t agree they could use.

Political parties use this information to profile and target you – and people like you – so they can tell you only what they think you want to hear. It’s political puppeteering. And it’s totally in the dark.

You have the legal right to stop them. You can take action to shine a light on all the data they have on you and demand they stop using it.

Now what if your neighbour does this too? And your colleague, your cousin, your friend, their friend. Together, our power is stronger to demand transparency and integrity from political parties this election.

And if they ignore you, there will be consequences. If they don’t stop using your data, together we can take them to court.

Let’s defend democracy from data dark arts.


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